Emily NelsonLabor Doula & Postpartum Doula


    I work with families during the time they are pregnant, delivering their baby and right after their baby is born. I am there during that time filling the gaps. I provide physical support when needed, encourage you always, and I give you the resources you are looking for and ones you didn’t even know you needed! 

    I help you discover what it is you need, desire and want from each step into parenthood and then I provide the resources, tools, and partnership to make it come to fruition. 

    I trained as a labor and postpartum doula through ProDoula. Pro Doula is a certifying agency for the modern birth doula. They are committed to providing ongoing education and training through my career as a doula. I have continued education through American River on the topics of child development and education. I continue to expand my knowledge through continuing education, evidence-based articles, and training

    When I am not filling the space in your journey with compassion, knowledge, and support, you can find me loving on my four children, enjoying the company of some of the best friendships, and enjoying a glass of wine and trying to figure out this thing called life. Listen, this life throws us curve balls, hands us treasures and all around is a mystery. Coming from being a military spouse I have learned to enjoy each moment, at the moment and the memories or past travels, loves and adventures keep the exciting possibilities of today and tomorrow alive

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