Sleep Strategies For Baby Part 2

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Finding the perfect sleep strategy for your baby is difficult. 

There’s no one right or wrong way to encourage your baby to self soothe and sleep through the night. The success of your sleep strategies will change with your baby’s development, so don’t be discouraged if you need to change up your routines to fit your baby’s needs. 

We have even more techniques to add to our list, to help your baby get a restful night of sleep.

Pick Up Put Down

This process takes a little more time and patience, however offers an overall gentle approach to sleep training. After following your usual wind-down routine, lay your baby down in their crib awake and leave the room. If their crying escalates, pick them up and soothe them and lay them back down in their crib awake. Eventually your little one will tire themselves out and fall asleep, reassuring them you are there for comfort when they really get upset.


The Ferber Method is similar in concept to the Cry it Out Method, encouraging children to self soothe. A loving and comforting wind-down routine is emphasized before bringing your little one to bed completely awake. When they cry during the night, after a while parents can check on the baby but not comfort, feed or hold them. This is a hard one! In theory your baby will learn that crying to get your attention will not get them more than a check in, and ultimately allowing them to get sleepy on their own. 

Getting Support From Your Postpartum Doula

Your doula is there to offer compassionate support for any sleep training you see fit. She can help educate you on different sleep training methods and how your baby’s development plays a part in the success of each. Parents can receive the emotional support they need to coach them through this stressful transition and give them the affirmation they need to stay confidently trying new strategies to get their little one sleeping independently.

For parents navigating the postpartum period, sleep training takes a toll on your own sleep patterns! Your doula is always there to take on some newborn care to allow parents a little extra shut eye while baby is up and awake during the day. Some extra time to self care and catch up on rest will keep parents feeling refreshed and not overwhelmed while they’re committing to a new sleep training routine.

Sleep training methods should be researched before your baby arrives, giving parents a valuable advantage when it comes time to test run sleep strategies. Your doula team is there to give expectant parents the information they need to get a head start on understanding sleep training styles and support a family’s method of choice. 

Reassure yourself and your partner that it’s normal to feel a little frustrated during a sleep training routine with your baby. 

Good sleep habits don’t always come easy, but patience and a fantastic support system will help you stay focused and overall successful. It’s a tough process to navigate so you shouldn’t have to brave the waters alone! Reach out to friends, family, care providers and your professional team of doulas to give you the advice you need about the ways to encourage your baby to sleep soundly through the night.

Sweet dreams!

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