Surrogacy Support

The gift of surrogacy is one that can’t be matched. Many couples desire to have their own biological children but are unable to carry the pregnancy for one reason or another. It is truly a special opportunity to find a surrogate willing and able to carry your child for you during pregnancy and give birth to your baby. While surrogacy is often seen as a huge honor, both by the intended parents and the surrogate, it also presents unique needs and challenges for everyone involved.

  • Birth Education

    We help all parties understand the phases of labor, and possible scenarios that may occur. We will guide the surrogate through expressing her desires for labor and delivery and work hand in hand with the intended parents to discover their desired role in the delivery room. We help both parties identify and process key emotions from start to finish.

  • Birth Support

    Your birth doula team is immediately on-call, including 24/7 phone, email and text support throughout the pregnancy. Our support includes one prenatal consultation to discover the surrogate’s and IP’s birthing preferences and answer any questions. The surrogate will also receive necessary postpartum care.

  • Newborn Care

    We’ll cover all the foundational baby care essentials: swaddling, burping, diaper changes, umbilical cord care, bathing habits, feeding rhythms, soothing & sleep techniques. Our goal is to get you & your baby into a healthy, happy at-home rhythm — ensuring that everyone in the household gets plenty of sleep, food, comfort & care.


Doula Support for Intended Parents

Taylor Made Doulas are experienced in surrogacy support and we understand the unique needs and desires of intended parents in surrogacy relationships. We support both you and your surrogate to answer questions and address any concerns you have. In addition to labor support, we offer childbirth classes, as well as postpartum doula services.

During the pregnancy, we offer unlimited phone and email support from the time of
conception through the postpartum period. With surrogacy, once conception and/or a viable heartbeat is found around 6 weeks, the surrogacy agency typically takes a step back from your relationship. That’s where Taylor Made Doulas steps in to fill in the gap. We can walk you step-by-step through your journey as you anticipate the birth of your child and create a supportive and satisfying relationship with your surrogate.

Support Beyond Birth

In addition to pregnancy and labor support for you and your surrogate during childbirth, and we also offer postpartum doula services to new families. Postpartum Doulas help you transition into parenthood by offering education and support with feeding, diapering, soothing and caring for the needs of your new baby. We also help address your physical and emotional needs by offering a helping hand with meal preparation, light housekeeping or sibling support.

Doula Support for Surrogates

Taylor Made Doulas offer unlimited email and phone support from the time you sign a contract with us during pregnancy through childbirth and into the postpartum period. We are committed to helping you have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum recovery.

As doulas, we offer emotional, informational and physical support, and we are committed to addressing your unique emotional and physical needs as a surrogate. We can also help during the transition as you step out of the pregnancy role and turn over parenting to the child’s intended parents, ensuring your physical and emotional needs are cared for as you sacrificially give such an amazing gift of life to others.

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