Seeding: What To Know About This New Birthing Trend

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As you may already know, we at Taylor Made Doulas like to be aware and educated on all mom, baby, pregnancy and postpartum trends.

Todays topic? Seeding. A new birth trend that is sweeping the nation.

This kind of seeding has nothing to do with your garden or flower beds.

What is seeding in regards to childbirth?

Seeding is the act of inserting sterile gauze into the vagina before a caesarean and applying the gauze to a baby’s mouth face and body immediately after the caesarean birth. 

Yes. You read that right.

Let’s back up a little bit.

When a baby is born vaginally the baby is colonized by maternal vaginal and fecal bacteria. These bacterias are beneficial to baby in establishing his or her immune system.

Babies who are born via caesarean are not immediately being exposed to those beneficial bacterias.

Instead they are only being exposed to the existing bacteria in the hospital and whatever bacteria lives on the skin he or she is immediately in contact with. Most often their mothers.

By choosing ‘seeding’ parents are exposing their baby to bacteria that can boost the baby’s immune system in hopes of preventing future illnesses.

The idea behind ‘seeding’ is that baby will be receiving the beneficial bacteria from the birth canal as if he or she was born vaginally.

This trend originated in Australia but is quickly moving west. First becoming popular in the United Kingdom and now sweeping across the the United States. Even hospitals as local as Sutter Davis Hospital partake in seeding.

As with all trends that pertain to expectant mothers and infants there are some speculations.

Some say vaginal seeding could pose risk of infection to the infant.

Ultimately all parties want mom and baby to be happy and healthy.

If in the event of a caesarean birth you are interested in vaginal seeding we recommend bringing this up to your health care provider to get a professional opinion.

All we can do as doulas is educate you on the procedure and help you navigate the decision that is best for you and your family.

If having the okay from your provider, vaginal seeding can be something to include in your birth plan in the event of a caesarean.

If you are currently looking into options for your own pregnancy and labor support, contact Taylor Made Doulas today to find out about services we provide and how we can help you plan your birth to best suit you and your family.


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