I <3 Sacramento Diaper Drive

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Every community has families that struggle to provide for their children. 

A family spends anywhere between $12,000 and $14,000 in the first year with a new baby; costs that are difficult to meet when parents are working minimum wage full time.

Nearly $3,000 of baby expenses in an average year come from diapers exclusively.

Without grocery store transportation, families living in urban areas of poverty that depend on convenience stores are forced to spend more on inflated prices.

Diaper need in our community is real.

Babies and infants sitting in soiled disposable diapers for too long create dangerous health risks to themselves and children around them. Cloth diapers are not an option for children in daycare, as they aren’t permitted in the classroom space for hygienic reasons.


Taylor Made Doulas is inviting you to join us as we set out to make a change at the official Kid’s Expo California charity drive.

Getting involved is easy and there are plenty of ways to help this cause. Collecting and donating diapers is where we can make our initial impact. Host a collection area at your business or bring a few packs of disposable diapers to the Kid’s Expo. 

This drive benefits charitable organizations in the Sacramento area like Home Aid Sacramento, Saint John’s Program for Real Change, and Maryhouse.

The easiest way to promote awareness to diaper need is to simply share the event on social media, spreading the information to webs of different people.

Spread the word and keep an eye out for drop off locations as they become announced, help us change this social issue in our community.

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