What to Expect: Bringing Home Baby

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Your little bundle of joy has arrived and you have been given the clear to go home!

These last nine months all come down to this exciting moment when you bring your baby home.

Taylor Made Doulas want to help you through the last minute details when bringing home baby.

Since hospitals follow certain guidelines, they require a lot of paperwork. You will have to sign discharge papers as well as documents for your baby such as the birth certificate and social security number application so the hospital can file them.

In order to leave safely leave hospital with your baby, you must have the appropriate car seat for your newborn and it must be installed properly.

Safety is top priority when leaving the hospital with your new baby. Your local hospital may offer a car seat installation demonstration but you and your partner must be the last person to have hands on the carseat during the install for liability reasons.

However, hospitals will ensure that you have a seat and that baby is transported from your room to your car in that seat to make sure that the baby is in proper position in the seat.

If you are looking to learn how to effectively install your baby’s car seat we recommend learning from The Car Seat Lady and joining the Facebook group ‘Carseats for Littles’ to learn more about proper position and installation before your baby arrives.

Taylor Made Doulas has pulled together a list of some of the top rated safety car seats.

Nuna PIPA Car Seat has really high safety ratings, and a five point safety harness. The color coded indicators make it easy for you to know when the seat is locked in place correctly.

Taylor Made Doulas


Britax makes a long line of baby products including strollers, car seats, carriers and accessories and their safety ratings are great. The Britax B Safe Elite is one of the top selling infant car seats for both protection and easy installation design.

Taylor Made Doulas Bringing Home Baby

Another Taylor Made Doulas top pick for car seats is the Chicco KeyFit Infant Car Seat. Chicco has a wide variety of options to choose from and these car seats hold babies from 4 pounds to 30 pounds. That’s a lot of use out of one product!

Taylor Made DOulas What to Expect

Remember, a newborn must ride in a rear facing car seat in the back seat of your car!

All car seats come with information regarding weight and height limits which vary depending on the model, so choose accordingly when purchasing your car seat.

Let’s get to the best part of bringing home baby, the coming home outfit. You have been picking it up and staring at it for weeks now, wondering what it will look like with a sweet little baby inside.

If you don’t follow Taylor Made Doulas on Pinterest, you don’t already know about our Well Dressed Littles Board. We love finding tons of inspiration for all things baby and beyond, like this adorable coming home onesie from Etsy.

Taylor Made Doulas What To Expect Bringing Home Baby


Coming home with baby is very exciting but be prepared. Many women are typically very tired when they come home with the new baby.

Upon bringing home baby, make sure that your room at home is set up exactly how you want it with all the comforts and essentials for your postpartum recovery. Incase you are tired when you come home from the hospital we recommend creating a space of nurturing and healing. This may seem impossible at such an exciting time, but it is very much necessary.

Here are some recommendations to create and maintain that healing and nurturing space for you and your new family.

Don’t plan for visitors the day you get home. Spend some time bonding with your baby before having a house full of people.

When you do welcome visitors you might want to consider putting a sign on your front door asking your guests to ‘Please don’t ring the doorbell’.

Plan your meals ahead of time. It is great to not have to worry about food for the first 2 weeks home with baby.

If you are feeling like you could use extra support during this time, contact Taylor Made Doulas to find out how our team of professional postpartum doulas can meet your needs and make the transitions from womb to life and hospital to home, seamless.


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