Back to School: Brushing up on Newborn Care

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Back to school season, you’ve seen it start to emerge in all the stores.

That means class is in session!

No you won’t need a supply list for this quick lesson.

How confident are you in all things newborn care?

If you’re a new mom, you probably have a way to go before graduation day.

Lesson 1. Supply List

Of course you might be prepared for your baby to arrive, but chances are you’re forgetting some simple baby essentials to make your life a whole lot easier. Everyone remembers the obvious products but forgets some of the under appreciated marvels of the baby product world

You won’t find a glue stick, ruler and crayons on this supply list.

  1. Scratch Mittens. That’s right. No one tells you that your baby is born with razor sharp nails that they plan on scratching you and themselves to pieces with. Little mittens will keep everyone safe from this wolverine baby stage. Don’t want one more baby item in the house? Socks are awesome for this too! 
  2. Mucus Syringe. Not your shining moment, but you’ll be removing more liquids from this baby than you think! There’s noses that need draining. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.
  3. A Night Light. Can your baby sleep just fine without one? Sure. A night light for a newborn is more for the parents. After a few times stubbing your toe on baby furniture, a nightlight will be a welcome beacon to guide your path.

Lesson 2. The Mathematics of Hungry Tummies

This brand new baby is an eating machine. They have small tummies after all and need to keep filling up. How often do I need to feed this little person?! If you’re breastfeeding, you can expect to feed your newborn every 2 to 3 hours. (Let’s be real, sometimes 2-3 hours is actually every 20 minutes!) Formula takes a little longer to break down in baby tummies, so that number could be every 3 to 4 hours.

How much is enough milk for a baby? Here’s where your back to school math skills come in handy. As a quick rule of thumb you can estimate how much formula your newborn should be eating per day by multiplying your baby’s weight by 2.5.

8 pound chunky baby x 2.5 magic feeding equation = about 20 Ounces of Formula

Lesson 3. Why is My Baby a Science Experiment?!

If this is your first baby, you’ll expect a perfect, cuddly, soft, clean, baby free of imperfections. Wrong!

Babies are born with super sensitive skin that often has a lot of surprising imperfections. So instead of being shocked that your baby is born discolored, pimply, slimy, lumpy or even hairy! Don’t worry, these days of science experiment newborn are numbered and once your baby’s skin adapts to it’s new environment they’ll be cute as can be.

 Class Dismissed!

Head into the “school year” of newborn care 101 with these hints for new moms, you’ll be top of your class in no time.

It is still all about you and Taylor Made Doulas knows that a new mom can truly benefit from additional support. We know that these things are easiest to do with an expert by your side. It is our honor to share our experience, knowledge and understanding with you during this somewhat complicated, transitional period. Learn more about what a Taylor Made Postpartum Doula can do for you and your family.

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