Michele JonesLabor Doula & Postpartum Doula 


    Each of us embarks on our journeys in life; some planned and some happen by chance, by where we’ve placed ourselves and whom we’ve aligned our selves with. My journey has not been mapped but rather traveled. I’ve come to find my passions in life through my own experiences. I feel blessed to do what I love, and am thankful every day for a job that fills my heart and nourishes my soul. I have spent the past 13 years working on a labor and delivery unit, and throughout my 13 years, I’ve learned that I have an incredible passion for life’s biggest gift, birth, and the birth process. Every day I cross the threshold of the family birth unit I’m placed in the path of others journeys, their journey through one of life’s biggest right of passage, motherhood/fatherhood.

    I love providing guidance and education, and I love helping ease the stress and worries that they may be with them. I cherish those who may feel vulnerable and help create a pathway of familiarity, comfort, and ease. I enjoy working with my postpartum families and growing to become a part of their lives. I find great peace in nurturing my families and filling their confidence during their first moments back in their homes.

    My family is my greatest supporter in all my endeavors. I’m blessed that they have provided me the support I need to continue what I’m passionate about. On my free time, I enjoy packing up the family and heading outdoors. The beauty of the ocean and lakes bring me great solitude.


    • Associates degree in Biology Pre Nursing
    • DONA labor doula training
    • BLS for the healthcare worker
    • enrolled in IBCLC certification course
    • enrolled in Child Birth Educator course


    On my free time, I enjoy the great outdoors. I find great solitude in the beauty of nature.

    I’ve traveled to Mexico, Canada, Italy, Austria & Switzerland, and have driven across the United States.

    We’ve recently opened our home and hosted a foreign exchange student from Italy.

    I have four beautiful children ranging in ages from 5-18! And I’ve given birth twice to another family who lives in Turkey via surrogacy.

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