labor support

Taylor Made Doulas Support all Birthing Choices

From high-risk pregnancies/birth, cesareans, inductions to natural births, we work collaboratively with your care provider to ensure the smoothest experience possible for you.

Hiring a Doula

Through our comprehensive intake appointment, we gather the knowledge from our clients that it takes to create a care plan that meets their every need. Our prenatal appointments are geared towards understanding your birth philosophy or helping you connect with one if you haven’t already. We feel that truly understanding your desires is the first step to supporting you on your precious path to parenthood. So, congratulations on your pregnancy! We would love the opportunity to support you.


Choosing a package that fits you and your families needs should be a stress-free and easy process. We have created these packages based off of what we have seen to benefit our clients. However, know that your package can be as custom as you need it. Our goal is your satisfaction and comfort. We request a 50% deposit for birth services with the remaining half due at time of birth.


Sacramento Doula Teresa Hord

Every client is paired with two trained and experienced birth doulas. This allows our doulas to have an on-call schedule and be available for you from the moment you become a client. Our doulas are there to answer questions and support you through your pregnancy and postpartum.

Complimentary Consultation

One Prenatal Appointment

Immediate On-Call Schedule

Labor and Delivery

4-hour Postpartum Visit



How much does a doula cost?

Feelings of joy and excitement can often be paired with anxiety and fear. This is normal, you are not alone. We have taken our experience and clients feedback and created a package that we have found to help ease the worries and build a foundation between you and your partner from prenatal to postpartum. This package will help you feel educated, empowered, supported, nurtured and cared for.

Classic Support Package

Your Birth Experience Private Class

20 Hours of Postpartum Support



Placenta Pill Encapsulation

Doulas are often present for births but what our community has yet to fully discover is the amazing benefits of having a postpartum care plan. This package will provide you with the traditional support during labor and add on postpartum care and placenta encapsulation. With those three aspects of service, you will not only physically and emotionally be supported from start to finish but your body will be nurtured through the encapsulation process.

Classic Support Package

Platinum Placenta Services

40 Hours of Postpartum Support