Taylor Made Doulas do placentas differently

With the demand for Placenta Encapsulation services growing rapidly, TMD is proud to offer the safest option available for families today, in-home placenta encapsulation services.

Let’s start with the basics, what exactly is Placenta Encapsulation?

Placenta Encapsulation is a process of cleaning, steaming and dehydrating the placenta, then finally grinding it and putting it into capsules for ingestion. The capsules look and taste just like any other supplement.

Why would one choose Placenta Encapsulation?

While Placenta Encapsulation is a growing trend in our modern culture, it’s not a new concept. It is in fact an ancient Chinese tradition. For centuries women have been ingesting their placenta and reporting these benefits:

  • Increased energy
  • Increase in milk supply
  • Speedier healing time
  • Improved mood during postpartum recovery

Currently, all evidence to support these benefits are from thousands of years of anecdotal studies reporting personal experiences. 97% report that they would do Placenta Encapsulation again. A scientific study is in process by the University of Nevada.

The importance of in-home encapsulation

TMD wants you to feel absolute peace with our process. They only way we can do that is by offering our services in your home. The environment of your home is the best precaution we can take to assure the safety of your family, by avoiding any risk of it being exposed to unfamiliar bacteria that could impede your recovery.

You will never have to worry about where you placenta was stored, how it was processed or the environment it was processed in. An additional bonus is having a postpartum professional in your home after you have given birth to answer any questions you may have about your baby or your recovery.

We have created a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. Feel free to look it over. If you have more questions or would like to sign up for services, please call or email us today. We look forward to serving you.


Based off the ancient Chinese tradition, our process includes steaming your placenta before dehydrating. This will kill any germs or bacteria making it safer for ingestion.

The Platinum Placenta Package includes a WHO Transport Kit, Capsules, Tincture, and Salve.

The Placenta Package includes a WHO Transport Kit and in-home Placenta Encapsulation Service.

Placenta Encapsulations – FAQ’s

Based off the ancient Chinese tradition, our process includes steaming your placenta before dehydrating. This will kill any germs or bacteria making it safer for ingestion.

Do I need to supply equipment?

No, your Placenta Encapsulation Specialist will come prepared with all the necessary equipment to process your placenta in your home. Our supplies are sanitized and ready to process your placenta. In addition, we will sanitize the area of your house that is designated as our workspace for the process. We will need access to a stove, sink and an outlet for the dehydrator plug.

What do I do with my placenta after the birth?

You will want to communicate with your care provider ahead of time to make sure they are aware that you desire to save your placenta. You will want to take a small soft or hard shell cooler along to your birth. Your care provider will put your placenta in a bag and put it on ice inside the cooler. Please ask your care provider what their policy is for bringing home your placenta. Some providers require removal within a few hours after birth. You may need to have a friend or family member transport your placenta to your home for you.

Once your placenta is home, take it off ice and put it in the fridge. If we are unable to coordinate a time to start within 3 days after your birth, then your placenta should be frozen. Your placenta can be frozen for up to 3 months. Please allow 24 hours to thaw before our arrival.

When do I call you?

We prefer to be contacted via phone or email within 12 hours after birth. This allows us to get you on the schedule to start processing your placenta quickly. Together, we will work on a convenient time for both of us.

When will you start the process?

Once you contact us, we do our best to get you scheduled within (24 or 48 hours, you choose your time) hours after birth.

Do I need to be home while you are processing my placenta?

This is a personal preference. We will do whatever it takes to make the process as comfortable and smooth for you as possible.

How long is the process?

We will come to your home for 2 consecutive days. Each day we will spend approximately 2 hours in your home.

How often do I take my capsules?

We will provide you with guidelines for consuming your placenta, however we also believe in your ability to listen to your body and determine what is appropriate for your individual needs.

What will my friends/family say?

All decisions surrounding your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience are personal ones. It is your decision whether or not you want to share these details with close ones. We respect the need for our clients to have privacy surrounding their decisions. While processing placentas in-home, there have been no reports of unusual smells. Finished capsules look, smell and taste like any other vitamin or supplement you may have in your home.