Prepare For Your Birth And Beyond

Taylor Made Doulas in proud to offer Your Birth Experience Childbirth Education and Bringing Home Baby Series to families in the Greater Sacramento area.

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This 4-5 hours class will help discover you and your partner’s communication style and learn about your unique medical decision-making process. We will create a unique approach to envisioning your birth experience. We will cover the anatomy and physiology of childbirth and explore relaxation methods and comfort techniques. Your Birth Experience Parent Guidebook is included in the class fee of $250.00.

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Whether choosing a private or group class, know that your unique concerns and needs will be met.


Feel equipped in understanding the process of labor, choices in childbirth, communicating with your care provider and others on your birth team, comfort measures and more.


Partners play an important role during your birth. We offer exercises and tools to help you connect deeply for a more positive birth experience


We understand each family will have unique preferences. We offer classes privately in the comfort of your home. You are also welcome to join our ongoing group classes.


Get a head start on parenting with this group class. Designed to help build a foundation of understanding your partner communication styles and parenting styles before it even begins. Learn the basics of newborn care and postpartum recovery. This class is perfect for the first time parents all  the way to the experienced couple. 

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Prepare for the transitions to parenthood through this two-day workshop. Work together with your partner to learn the emotional needs of you baby and how to keep a positive perspective while managing problems. Couples will strengthen their friendship, manage conflict constructively and become a better parenting team. This relaxed and supportive environment, will teach tools to strengthen your relationship and foster baby’s development. This workshop combines scientific research by Dr. Gottman and focuses on the quality of friendship in your marriage.